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            would include payment for more than one match.  If a wrestler had                          
            requested an advance and it had been given, the advance would be                           
            deducted from his portion of the payoff.                                                   
                  The wrestlers who worked with MBWC were responsible for                              
            arranging and paying for their own lodging, meals, and local                               
            transportation expenses associated with out-of-town performances.                          
            On some occasions, a wrestler working with MBWC would make his                             
            own arrangements for regular commercial travel and pay for his                             
            own ticket.  MBWC would usually reimburse the wrestler for                                 
            commercial air travel for which the wrestler had paid.  Such                               
            reimbursements were included in the paychecks received by the                              
            wrestlers, and would be noted on an adding machine tape which was                          
            attached to the check, which would show also repayment of                                  
            advances or other items.                                                                   
                  During the years 1981 through 1983, petitioner kept a ledger                         
            in which he would record his expenses, whether the expenses were                           
            or were not, in his opinion, deductible.  During 1981 through                              
            1983 Mrs. Lisa Baird (Mrs. Baird) did the detailed work of                                 
            keeping petitioner's ledger books.  Mrs. Baird was living with                             
            petitioner during 1981 through 1983.  Petitioner would give                                
            information to Mrs. Baird, and she would enter the information on                          
            the ledger book record.  The records would show cost of travel,                            
            meals, and other expenses.  Petitioner would give Mrs. Baird                               
            receipts, copies of airline tickets, and other information                                 

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