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                  Petitioner was born in Baghdad, Iraq.  In 1956 petitioner                            
            came to the United States to attend the University of Houston,                             
            Texas, on an athletic scholarship.  In 1957 petitioner                                     
            transferred to Oklahoma State University of Agriculture and                                
            Applied Science on a wrestling scholarship.  He remained at                                
            Oklahoma State University until the fall of 1960 when he                                   
            transferred to Portland State College, Portland, Oregon.  Other                            
            than one course taken at the University of Hawaii in 1961,                                 
            petitioner completed his undergraduate education at Portland                               
            State College and received his B.S. degree in social science on                            
            June 10, 1962.  In 1964 petitioner received his master's degree                            
            in education from the University of Oregon.                                                
                  While in Portland, petitioner began wrestling professionally                         
            under the name Billy Whitewolf.  Between 1964 and 1969 petitioner                          
            continued his professional wrestling in Portland, Oregon, and                              
            Hawaii.  In 1969 petitioner returned home to Baghdad, Iraq.  He                            
            returned to the United States in 1975 and began wrestling for the                          
            World Wrestling Federation.  In 1981 petitioner moved to                                   
            Minnesota to wrestle for the Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling                              
            Club (MBWC) and affiliated clubs.  At that time he began to                                
            wrestle under the name The Sheik.  He continued to wrestle under                           
            the name The Sheik throughout the years here involved.  During                             
            the years here in issue MBWC was owned and operated by Mr. Vern                            
            Gagne.  The Salt Lake City Wrestling Club, Bay Area Allstar                                

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