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            years 1981 through 1989 petitioner frequently wrestled for MBWC                            
            or other Gagne organizations at matches which were far enough                              
            removed in distance from Minnetonka, Minnesota, that airplane                              
            travel was necessary.  Generally, the Gagne organizations made                             
            the necessary air travel arrangements for petitioner and other                             
            wrestlers who were to appear at an event.  In years prior to the                           
            year 1981, the Gagne organization did not arrange for or pay for                           
            the wrestlers' air travel.  The wrestlers arranged for and paid                            
            for their own air travel.  Occasionally, wrestlers would not                               
            arrive at the place where the wrestling event was to be held a                             
            full hour ahead of the scheduled opening of the event.  Mr. Vern                           
            Gagne was not pleased with the time of arrival of some of the                              
            wrestlers and announced to a group of them in their dressing                               
            rooms at one event prior to 1981 that MBWC was going to begin                              
            arranging for the wrestlers' air travel, either by commercial                              
            airlines or by chartered plane, and that MBWC would purchase the                           
            tickets and see that the wrestlers were furnished with the ticket                          
            to travel to the event.  At this time he stated that the cost of                           
            the airplane tickets was going to be deducted from the gross                               
            receipts for the performance before a division of those receipts                           
            was made between the part the wrestlers would get and the part                             
            the club would get, and, therefore, in effect the wrestlers would                          
            still be paying a part of the cost of their air fare.  The amount                          
            wrestlers as a group received from an event in which they                                  

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