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            participated was determined by subtracting from the portion of                             
            the gross proceeds of the event allocated to the club, the                                 
            wrestlers' television expenses, taxes, and air fare, where travel                          
            was by air, and dividing the remainder between the wrestlers and                           
            the club on a 30-70 or 35-65 percent basis.  Before the club                               
            began obtaining the air transportation for the wrestlers, only                             
            television costs and taxes were deducted from the gross proceeds                           
            before the split.  The 30 to 35 percent of the club's adjusted                             
            gross proceeds from a show allocated to the wrestlers would be                             
            divided among the wrestlers performing at a certain event on a                             
            basis determined by the club, which was primarily geared to the                            
            view of the managers of the club as to which wrestlers had been                            
            most instrumental in attracting the crowds that came to the                                
            wrestling matches.                                                                         
                  Mr. Vern Gagne considered the deducting of the air                                   
            transportation costs from the gross take before splitting it                               
            between the wrestlers and the club to be a fair arrangement,                               
            whereby the wrestlers and the club each paid a proportion of the                           
            air fare costs.                                                                            
                 From time to time, the wrestlers would discuss in the locker                         
            rooms the fact that they were really paying for their own air                              
            travel, since it "came off the top", so that the checks they                               
            received from each wrestling event were less than they had been                            

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