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            his adjusted gross income and his tax liability.  Subsequently,                            
            petitioner pled guilty to the charge of violating section 7206(1)                          
            for the year 1983 by knowingly filing a false income tax return                            
            that "stated his air travel expenses were $38,465, * * * his                               
            adjusted gross income was $17,503, whereas as he then and there                            
            well knew and believed, he had no air travel expenses and his                              
            adjusted gross income was $55,838, resulting in additional tax                             
            due and owing of $14,050."  Petitioner, through his attorney and                           
            the representative of the U.S. attorney handling the case,                                 
            entered into a plea bargain agreement.  When the case was called                           
            and the court was informed of the plea bargain agreement,                                  
            petitioner stated that he had discussed his case with his lawyer                           
            and wanted to enter the guilty plea to the year 1983 under the                             
            plea bargain agreement.  Petitioner, at the hearing, stated that                           
            he had made a mistake, but when informed by the U.S. attorney and                          
            the judge that it was necessary that he say that he had claimed                            
            the deductions for air fare that he had not paid knowing that he                           
            was not entitled to claim the deductions, he so stated.                                    
            Petitioner was permitted to continue to travel out of State to                             
            wrestling matches between the time he entered the guilty plea and                          
            the date of sentencing.  The judgment and probation/commitment                             
            order of the U.S. District Court was entered on May 4, 1990.  It                           
            provided that:  "Imposition of sentence is suspended and the                               

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