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            other wrestlers did on some occasions during the years here in                             
            issue, the invoices for the cost of the chartered travel would be                          
            submitted by the charter company directly to MBWC, and MBWC                                
            arranged for and paid the cost of the chartered flights to                                 
            transport the wrestlers to the matches it had arranged.  Shortly                           
            after the match had taken place, MBWC would receive a final                                
            accounting of the receipts and expenses for each performance at                            
            the hosting area and the percentage of the gross take that went                            
            to MBWC.  Mrs. Marxen would prepare the draft and final show                               
            sheets for MBWC.  After the final accounting, Mrs. Marxen would                            
            supply the information as to the receipts, minus certain expenses                          
            which included the transportation expenses by commercial airline                           
            or chartered plane where such expenses were paid by MBWC, to Mr.                           
            Vern Gagne or his co-promoter Mr. Wally Carbo, who would then                              
            determine the payout to each wrestler.  First the percentage of                            
            the receipts minus certain expenses, including transportation                              
            expenses, to be paid to all the wrestlers in the particular show                           
            was determined, and then the percentage of that determined by Mr.                          
            Vern Gagne and Mr. Wally Carbo to be allocated to each wrestler                            
            was determined based on their evaluation of the wrestler's                                 
            contribution to the production of the receipts.  After Mr. Vern                            
            Gagne or Mr. Wally Carbo determined the amount to be paid to each                          
            wrestler who participated in an event, Mrs. Marxen would prepare                           
            payment checks to the wrestlers.  Sometimes a particular check                             

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