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            before the Gagne organizations began arranging for the air                                 
                  The Gagne organizations often arranged air travel for the                            
            wrestlers through a travel agency known as Adventure Travel, Inc.                          
            Mary Ellen Marxen (Mrs. Marxen), who was the office manager of                             
            MBWC during the years here in issue, generally made the                                    
            arrangements for the wrestlers' travel.  She would contact a                               
            representative of Adventure Travel, Inc., to advise him of the                             
            wrestling dates, the number of wrestlers who would be traveling,                           
            and the names of the travelers.  The travel agency would then                              
            make the necessary arrangements and obtain commercial air travel                           
            tickets for the wrestlers.  When petitioner and other wrestlers                            
            were to travel by regular scheduled commercial flight, the                                 
            airline tickets would be delivered to the Minneapolis office of                            
            MBWC prior to the scheduled match, and either the wrestlers would                          
            come and pick the tickets up at the Minneapolis office of MBWC,                            
            or on some occasions the tickets would be mailed or otherwise                              
            delivered to the wrestlers by a representative of MBWC.  The bill                          
            for the wrestlers' air travel expenses where air travel was                                
            arranged by the Gagne organizations was sent directly to and paid                          
            by MBWC or another Gagne organization.  The bills submitted to                             
            MBWC by Adventure Travel, Inc., identified each wrestler by name,                          
            or show name, and listed the ticket price associated with the                              
            trip.  When petitioner traveled by chartered plane, as he and                              

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Last modified: May 25, 2011