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          and because the DFM lacks any real ability to enforce its                   
          provisions, we reject respondent's contention that the manual               
          dictated the manner in which petitioner performed his missionary            
               In summary, the DFM lacked the control and lacked the right            
          to control the manner and means by which petitioner performed his           
          duties as a foreign missionary.  Rather, the DFM facilitates                
          foreign ministry by processing a missionary's collections and               
          pledges and providing useful information to missionaries through            
          the missions manual and a proposed foreign living budget.  In               
          other words, we view the DFM as a service provider relieving                
          endorsed missionaries from the administrative burdens of                    
          collecting and processing their pledges and obtaining information           
          regarding their country of service.                                         
               Respondent also contends that the record in this case shows            
          that the National Church exercised control, or had the right to             
          exercise control, over petitioner's ministerial credentials to              
          such a degree that we must conclude he was an employee.  In                 
          support of her position, respondent points out that the National            
          Church:  (1) Maintains specific requirements for ministerial                
          licensing and ordination; (2) has the authority to discipline               
          ministers based on their behavior and conduct; and (3) has the              
          authority to withdraw ministerial credentials.  Specifically,               
          respondent argues that the National Church's ability to revoke              
          petitioner's credentials, if petitioner did not perform his                 

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Last modified: May 25, 2011