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          duties in the correct manner, gives the National Church the power           
          to control his day-to-day conduct.                                          
               Respondent's emphasis on the National Church's control of              
          petitioner's ministerial credentials is misplaced for two                   
          reasons.  First, although petitioner was an ordained Assemblies             
          of God minister, he was engaged as a missionary.  The National              
          Church's requirements for ministerial licensing and ordination,             
          as well as its authority to discipline petitioner and withdraw              
          his ministerial credentials, have little or no bearing as to the            
          details and means by which petitioner performed his duties as a             
               Second, we do not think that the control test is satisfied             
          where the manner in which a service is performed is controlled by           
          the threat of the loss of professional credentials.  Carried to             
          its logical extreme, this argument would serve to classify all              
          ordained ministers as employees of the National Church,                     
          regardless of the type of service performed.  We reject                     
          respondent's contention that the National Church's ability to               
          revoke petitioner's ministerial credentials dictated petitioner's           
          daily conduct as a foreign missionary.                                      
               We are aware of the recent case, Alford v. United States,              
          Civil No. 94-1074, in which the District Court for the Western              
          District of Arkansas considered whether an Assemblies of God                
          ordained minister serving as a pastor of an affiliated local                
          church was an employee or an independent contractor.  The                   

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Last modified: May 25, 2011