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          3.   Petitioner's Missionary Experience                                     
               In petitioner's final interview in Springfield, Illinois,              
          petitioner identified Bangladesh as the country in which he                 
          wished to minister.  The DFM expressed reservations about                   
          petitioner's choice, but petitioner made the ultimate decision.             
          Petitioner began itinerating local churches and raised                      
          approximately $600 in monthly support before he was officially              
          endorsed in 1992.  Petitioner received a proposed budget from the           
          DFM detailing the amount necessary to sustain 4 years of foreign            
          ministry in Bangladesh; however, petitioner set a fund-raising              
          goal in excess of the amount proposed because he desired to do              
          things not accounted for in the proposed budget.                            
               Petitioner maintained a routine schedule during his                    
          deputational ministry.  On Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings           
          petitioner ministered at Assemblies of God churches raising                 
          support for his mission.  The DFM did not require that petitioner           
          adhere to a particular schedule or method of fund-raising in his            
          year of deputational ministry.  In deciding the best way to                 
          prepare and present his deputational services on Sundays and                
          Wednesdays, petitioner talked with experienced missionaries and             
          coordinated with the pastor of the church that was hosting him.             
               Petitioner spent approximately 3 days per week locating and            
          contacting new churches to itinerate and writing thank-you notes            
          to donors.  Petitioner also prepared and distributed a newsletter           
          to encourage donors to contribute towards his ministry.                     

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