Richard G. and Anne C. Greene - Page 10

                                   - NEXTRECORD  -                                    
          reports mailed to petitioner in 1992 indicate that petitioner               
          participated in the MBA plan.                                               
               The DFM has no official policy with respect to sick leave;             
          however, it does recommend that missionaries limit their vacation           
          days to 30 or fewer per year.  Missionaries are not required to             
          report to the DFM either sick leave or vacation days taken.                 
          Thus, the DFM does not maintain any records reflecting the days             
          and hours worked by its missionaries.  Missionaries continue to             
          receive their personal allowance while on vacation and sick                 
               d.   Communication With the DFM                                        
               Apart from the monthly deputational and disbursement                   
          reports, petitioner and the DFM communicated on an irregular                
          basis during his year of deputational ministry.  The DFM did not            
          contact petitioner at all during that year, and petitioner called           
          the DFM only occasionally for information relating to shipping              
          his belongings to Bangladesh.  Other than the quarterly field               
          reports and the monthly disbursement reports, there was no                  
          regular form of communication between petitioner and the DFM                
          during his foreign field mission work.                                      
               The DFM requires missionaries to attend the "School of                 
          Missions" during their deputation year of each 5-year cycle.  The           
          School of Missions is not for training purposes; rather, it is a            
          "spiritual debriefing" for missionaries and their families that             
          have been exposed to foreign cultures for long periods of time.             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011