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                                   - NEXTRECORD  -                                    
          demonstrate the donor's commitment to support the missionary on a           
          monthly basis.  The donor can pledge to support a missionary for            
          life, one 5-year cycle, or less; however, if support is limited             
          to one 5-year cycle or less, the missionary must visit the donor            
          during the next phase of deputational ministry in order to renew            
          the financial commitment.  If a donor fails to provide the                  
          pledged support, the DFM will not send a past due notice to or              
          make any other contact with the donor; rather, the individual               
          missionary is responsible for contacting the donor and re-                  
          establishing the financial support.  Deputational missionaries              
          may, at their own expense, hire individuals to assist them in               
          their fund-raising efforts.                                                 
               The DFM provides donors with a receipt verifying the amount            
          of the pledge and certifying that the DFM, as an agency of the              
          National Church, is a tax-exempt organization.  Contributions               
          made to and receipted by DFM are not personally owned by the                
          missionary, even though they may be designated for that                     
          missionary's ministry.  Rather, the DFM owns the funds raised by            
          the missionaries and maintains administrative control of such               
          funds.  The DFM deposits contributions into an individual account           
          maintained for each missionary.                                             
               Missionaries must raise sufficient funds to support their              
          foreign ministry before the DFM will "clear" them for departure             
          to their foreign field.  In this regard, the DFM prepares a                 
          proposed budget for endorsed missionaries to use as a guideline             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011