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                                   - NEXTRECORD  -                                    
          This is the only meeting that missionaries are required to                  
               e.   Disciplinary Matters                                              
               Disciplinary matters related to missionary status are                  
          handled by the DFM.  Causes for disciplinary action with respect            
          to missionary status include, inter alia:  (1) Any conduct                  
          unbecoming to a missionary as a representative of Christ and the            
          Assemblies of God; (2) loss of ministerial credentials with the             
          National Church; (3) indiscretions concerning morals; (4) failure           
          to properly manage and report the use of mission funds; (5) a               
          declared open change in doctrinal views or practices, resulting             
          in variance from those of the National Church, or deliberate                
          variance from the values, purposes, or objectives of DFM; and (6)           
          a contentious or noncooperative spirit.                                     
               The DFM has no authority to recall a missionary's                      
          ministerial credentials.  The most severe form of discipline that           
          the DFM can exercise is to withdraw its endorsement of, and                 
          effectively disassociate itself from, a missionary.  In the event           
          that the DFM withdraws an endorsement, the DFM notifies the                 
          missionary's district, closes the missionary's account, and                 
          returns to the donors any future offerings received on behalf of            
          the missionary.                                                             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011