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          applicant has obtained district approval and completed the                  
          application, the DFM evaluates the application.  At some point              
          during evaluation, a DFM representative conducts a home-interview           
          with the candidate.  Finally, if all indications are favorable,             
          the DFM asks the candidate to travel to Springfield, Missouri,              
          for additional orientation, tests, and interviews.  The                     
          applicant's geographical foreign field location is defined in the           
          final interview.  If the tests and interviews are satisfactory,             
          the DFM will recommend the candidate to the Foreign Missions                
          Board for endorsement.                                                      
               b.   The Missionary's 5-year Cycle                                     
               The National Church and the missionary candidates consider             
          missionary service to be a lifetime career.  Missionary service,            
          however, is generally divided into repeating 5-year cycles.                 
          Missionaries spend the first year in the cycle, frequently                  
          referred to as the year of "deputational ministry", itinerating             
          local Assemblies of God churches seeking financial support for              
          the foreign mission.  They spend the remaining 4 years in the               
          cycle ministering in the foreign field.  At the conclusion of the           
          fourth year in the foreign field, missionaries return to the                
          United States and begin another year of deputational ministry,              
          thus initiating a new 5-year cycle.                                         
               The DFM provides no formal training with respect to                    
          deputational ministry.  Generally, missionaries solicit funds               
          from churches and individual donors through pledges that                    

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Last modified: May 25, 2011