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                                   - NEXTRECORD  -                                    
               While serving as a missionary, petitioner became aware of              
          widespread drug addiction in Bangladesh.  Petitioner has traveled           
          to drug-infested areas in Bangladesh and has visited with many of           
          the drug-addicted individuals.  Petitioner's experiences and                
          conversations with the local Bengalis have led petitioner to                
          believe that there is a need for a drug-rehabilitation program in           
          his area.  In his next phase of deputational ministry, petitioner           
          plans to raise funds to sponsor such a program.  Petitioner has             
          not informed the DFM of his interest in sponsoring a drug-                  
          rehabilitation clinic and to the best of his knowledge, the DFM             
          is unaware of his activity in this area.                                    
               At the time of trial, petitioner intended to return to the             
          United States in June 1996 to begin his second phase of                     
          deputational ministry.  Although most missionaries serve 4 years            
          in the foreign field before returning to the United States,                 
          petitioner planned to return after approximately 3 years.  In               
          making this decision, petitioner considered the needs of his                
          school-aged children and the schedules of other missionaries in             
          his region.  Additionally, petitioner was eager to begin                    
          soliciting funds necessary to support his drug-rehabilitation               
          program. It appears that the DFM's involvement in planning                  
          petitioner's field departure date was minimal and that petitioner           
          decided on his return date independent of the DFM.                          
               Petitioner owns a copy of the missions manual, but he has              
          never actually referred to it in making his missionary decisions;           

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