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                                   - NEXTRECORD  -                                    
          by the DFM.  The DFM did not direct petitioner to work on a                 
          particular project in Bangladesh; rather, petitioner                        
          independently chose to become involved in student ministry.                 
          Petitioner decided to expand his foreign ministry to include a              
          drug-rehabilitation program.  He was able to make this decision             
          without seeking permission from the DFM.  In fact, it appears               
          that at the time of trial, the DFM was not even aware of                    
          petitioner's plans to initiate a drug-rehabilitation clinic in              
               Petitioner determined his own work days and hours.  He was             
          able to use his vacation and sick leave without notifying or                
          seeking permission from the DFM.  Petitioner decided to return              
          from his foreign ministry after only 3 years in the foreign                 
          field.  He made this decision considering the needs of his                  
          school-aged children and the schedules of the other missionaries            
          in his area.  It appears that the DFM played little or no role in           
          determining petitioner's field departure date.  Petitioner                  
          decided when his personal allowance would begin, and he had the             
          power to designate the amount of his personal allowance up to the           
          limit imposed by the DFM.                                                   
               Petitioner was required to attend only one meeting every 5             
          years.  Apart from filing periodic disbursement, deputational,              
          and field reports, petitioner and the DFM did not communicate               
          regularly.  Specifically, the DFM did not contact petitioner at             
          all during petitioner's year of deputational ministry.  Likewise,           

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