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          In any event, unendorsed Assemblies of God missionaries can and             
          do serve in the foreign field.                                              
               Respondent contends that because petitioner is an Assemblies           
          of God minister, the General and District Councils have the right           
          to revoke petitioner's ministerial credentials, and that,                   
          therefore, the National Church can effectively discharge                    
          petitioner.  Indeed, the credentials committee has the authority            
          to withdraw the approval and recommend the recall of ministerial            
          credentials.  Although petitioner is an Assemblies of God                   
          minister subject to the disciplinary proceedings in the                     
          constitution and bylaws, he presently serves in the capacity of a           
          foreign missionary.  Thus, we think the more appropriate analysis           
          considers the DFM's right to discharge petitioner in his capacity           
          as a missionary, rather than the National Church's right to                 
          recall petitioner's ministerial credentials.                                
               Because the DFM lacked the power to discharge petitioner as            
          a missionary to Bangladesh, this factor supports a finding that             
          petitioner was an independent contractor, and not an employee.              
          F.   Integral Part of Business                                              
               The DFM's primary mission is world evangelism.  Petitioner's           
          work as an Assemblies of God missionary was directly related to             
          the accomplishment of that mission.  This factor supports a                 
          finding that petitioner was an employee.                                    

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Last modified: May 25, 2011