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               f.   Unendorsed Missionaries                                           
               Ministers may serve as Assemblies of God missionaries                  
          without official endorsement from the DFM.  Assemblies of God               
          churches can and do financially support unendorsed Assemblies of            
          God missionaries.  The DFM provides no assistance of any kind to            
          unendorsed missionaries; thus, unendorsed missionaries must                 
          personally collect pledges, issue receipts, and maintain                    
          financial records with respect to their foreign ministry.                   
               g.   The Missions Manual                                               
               The DFM has written and produced a missions manual (the                
          missions manual) containing both general and specific information           
          about foreign ministry.  The DFM provides all endorsed                      
          missionaries with a copy of the missions manual.  The missions              
          manual provides information about the structure of the DFM, the             
          endorsement process, deputational ministry, budgeting, personal             
          allowances, disciplinary action, equipment, overseas freight and            
          shipping, health insurance, the pension program, children of                
          missionaries, foreign field housing, and vacation.                          
               Jerry Burgess (Mr. Burgess) is a member of the Foreign                 
          Missions Committee that is responsible for establishing foreign             
          mission practices and procedures and for implementing the                   
          decisions of the Foreign Missions Board.  Mr. Burgess also worked           
          as the financial comptroller of the DFM for 16 years.  Mr.                  
          Burgess testified at trial as follows:                                      

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