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          and recommend candidates who qualify as certified, licensed, and            
          ordained ministers.3  Final approval and issuance of ministerial            
          credentials, however, is made by the General Council's                      
          credentials committee (the credentials committee).4  Petitioner             
          met all of the requirements set forth by the National Church, and           
          as indicated, is a licensed and ordained Assemblies of God                  
               Individuals holding ministerial credentials are amenable to            
          both the District Council and the General Council in matters of             
          doctrine and conduct.  Causes for the discipline of a minister              
          include:  (1) Any moral failure involving sexual misconduct; (2)            
          any moral or ethical failure not involving sexual misconduct; (3)           
          general inefficiency in the ministry; (4) a failure to represent            
          the Pentecostal testimony correctly; (5) a contentious or                   

          3 The bylaws of the National Church provide qualifications                  
          for ministerial licensing and ordination.  The bylaws provide,              
          inter alia, that in order to be licensed as a minister an                   
          applicant must: (1) Have a thorough understanding of and be in              
          agreement with the National Church's doctrinal position as                  
          contained in the Statement of Fundamental Truths; (2) have an               
          active loyalty to the National Church's constitutional                      
          agreements, a cooperative spirit, and a readiness to seek and               
          receive the counsel of older brethren; (3) demonstrate religious            
          knowledge acquired through education or experience by passing a             
          standard test; and (4) be interviewed and recommended by a                  
          district credentials committee.                                             
               Licensed ministers must meet additional requirements in                
          order to be ordained.  For example, a licensed minister must                
          complete 2 consecutive years of full-time preaching ministry,               
          pass at least one written test, and submit to additional                    
          4 According to the constitution and bylaws, the credentials                 
          committee consists of the Executive Presbytery.                             

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