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                                   - NEXTRECORD  -                                    
          noncooperative spirit; (6) an assumption of dictatorial authority           
          over a church; (7) an arbitrary rejection of district counseling;           
          (8) a declared open change of doctrinal views; (9) habitual debt            
          that harms the church's reputation; and (10) a marriage in                  
          violation of the church's stand on marriage and divorce.  The               
          Credentials Committee has final authority in matters of doctrine            
          and the personal conduct of all ministers, including the power to           
          withdraw the approval and recommend the recall of ministerial               
          2.   Missionary Service                                                     
               The National Church, as one of its stated missions, seeks to           
          promote and encourage world evangelization.  Towards this end,              
          the National Church created the Division of Foreign Missions (the           
          DFM), an unincorporated agency, to coordinate foreign missionary            
          efforts.  The DFM is supervised by the Foreign Missions Board,              
          and together they select, endorse, establish requirements, and              
          uphold standards for missionaries.                                          
               a.   The Endorsement Process                                           
               The process of becoming an endorsed missionary is lengthy              
          and is handled primarily at the national level by the DFM and the           
          Foreign Missions Board.  An individual applying for a missionary            
          position must submit an application, along with an autobiography,           
          character references, and transcripts to the DFM.  The applicant            
          must obtain formal approval from his or her appropriate district            
          before the DFM will begin to process the application.  After an             

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