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               The National Church is a nonprofit corporation headquartered           
          in Springfield, Missouri.  The National Church operates in                  
          accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the General                  
          Council of the Assemblies of God (Constitution and Bylaws).  The            
          Constitution and Bylaws explain the National Church's internal              
          laws, structural organization, polity, and guiding policies.                
          These laws and policies are administered at the national level              
          through the General Council and its various agencies.  The                  
          General Council, which consists of a body of ordained ministers             
          and delegates of the affiliated local churches, is charged with             
          preserving and promoting established positions on the faith and             
          practice of the National Church.  It meets biannually to conduct            
          the general business of the National Church and determine the               
          services that it will provide.                                              
               The laws and policies of the National Church are                       
          administered at the district level through District Councils.               
          The United States is divided into 55 geographical District                  
          Councils, which serve as the connecting link between the                    
          affiliated local churches and the General Council.  Local                   
          churches apply for affiliation at the district level.  Each                 
          District Council, which is subordinate to the General Council,              
          consists of ordained ministers, licensed ministers, and delegates           
          from the local churches within the district.  The District                  
          Councils supervise all of the National Church's activities within           
          their prescribed field.  The District Councils examine, approve,            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011