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                                   - NEXTRECORD  -                                    
          in determining the amount of funding necessary to support their             
          foreign ministry needs.  Deputational missionaries, however, are            
          not required to comply with the exact figures in the budget so              
          long as they obtain adequate funding for their ministry.                    
               Deputational missionaries are required to file with the DFM            
          monthly "deputational reports" that detail the offerings received           
          and the expenses incurred by the missionary.  Along with the                
          deputational report, missionaries forward the net cash offerings            
          and receipts verifying the offerings and expenses.  Additionally,           
          during their deputational ministry, missionaries prepare a field            
          budget approximating the amount of mission-related expenses they            
          will incur in the foreign field.  Once a missionary departs for             
          the foreign field, the DFM advances funds to the missionary from            
          his or her DFM missionary account to cover the anticipated                  
          mission expenses.  Missionaries in the foreign field are required           
          to file quarterly field reports with the DFM explaining how the             
          budget advances were spent.                                                 
               During both deputational and foreign field ministry, the DFM           
          records the reported expenses and the pledges received on behalf            
          of the missionaries and mails monthly disbursement statements to            
          each missionary detailing the missionaries' total pledged support           
          and expenses.                                                               
               Missionaries are free to resign at any time.  However,                 
          missionaries are not entitled to the balance of their DFM account           
          upon resignation.  Rather, a resigning missionary may reallocate            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011