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                                         FINDINGS OF FACT                                             
                  Some of the facts have been stipulated; the stipulations and                        
            the stipulated exhibits are incorporated herein by this                                   
                  When the petition was filed in the instant case, petitioners                        
            Melvin J. Laney (hereinafter sometimes referred to as Laney) and                          
            Carolyn A. Laney resided in Spencerville, Maryland.                                       
                  Laney has a degree in medicinal chemistry.4  Laney began to                         
            develop an expertise in computer work during the 1950's as a high                         
            school student.  About 1957 Laney won a national prize for a                              
            computer program.  Laney also received other awards for his                               
            computer skills.  After he completed his schooling, Laney                                 
            frequently was called on to use his expertise in designing                                
            computer and information systems both in a university setting and                         
                  From about 1971 through 1974 Laney was the Executive                                
            Director of the Society for Computer Medicine.  He conducted, or                          
            was the keynote speaker of, several national conferences for this                         
            organization.  He also edited journals in the field of computer                           

                  4     In addition, in December 1970 Laney received a J.D.                           
            degree from American University, in the District of Columbia.  He                         
            noted this on his resume, but he is not admitted to practice in                           
            any jurisdiction, and he did not hold himself out as selling his                          
            services as a lawyer.                                                                     

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