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            price $183,750, closing costs $692.20), with a purchase-money                             
            mortgage in the amount of $147,000, a term of 4 years, and an                             
            interest rate of 8-1/2 percent.  Laney did not make any principal                         
            payments on the mortgage, but he made $46,856.25 in interest                              
            payments.5  Laney intended to house 40,000 primates on the Island                         
            to be used by pharmaceutical companies to test drugs and for AIDS                         
                  Laney filed for appropriate permits from the Army Corps of                          
            Engineers and a Florida agency.  He eventually received the                               
            Florida agency permit, but not the Army Corps of Engineers                                
            permit.  He sued in the United State Court of Claims,6 which                              
            denied both sides’ summary judgment motions and remanded the case                         
            for trial.  In the meanwhile, Laney could not make mortgage                               

                  5     Also, Laney paid at least the following amounts in                            
            connection with R.K.:  (a) $9,673.14 in property taxes, (b)                               
            $24,334.45 in engineering and consulting fees, (c) $28,550.22 in                          
            legal fees, (d) $270.50 for permits, and (e) $1,326.74 for                                
                  6     The Federal Courts Improvement Act of 1982, Pub. L. 97-                       
            164, 96 Stat. 25, merged the United States Court of Claims into                           
            the newly created Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and,                           
            in effect, reconstituted the trial division of the Court of                               
            Claims into a newly created United States Claims Court, a so-                             
            called Article I court.  More recently, the United States Claims                          
            Court was renamed the United States Court of Federal Claims.                              
            Federal Courts Administration Act of 1992, Pub. L. 102-572, sec.                          
            902(a)(1), 106 Stat. 4506, 4516.  These changes in status and                             
            name do not affect the substance of any action for purposes of                            
            the instant opinion.  In order to avoid the confusions attendant                          
            on name and status changes during the course of Laney’s damages                           
            litigation, we will generally refer to the forum for that                                 
            litigation as the Court of Claims.                                                        

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