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            the Court of Claims case was Thomas C. Henry, hereinafter                                 
            sometimes referred to as Henry.                                                           
                  On August 19, 1981, the Court of Claims denied Laney’s                              
            motion for summary judgment and also denied the United States’                            
            cross-motion for summary judgment on the takings issue, holding                           
            that “Under any view of the law short of these inadmissible                               
            extremes there are relevant issues of fact requiring trial.”                              
            Laney v. United States, 228 Ct. Cl. 519, 661 F.2d 145, 150                                
            (1981).  The Court of Claims remanded the case to its trial                               
            division for further proceedings.                                                         
                  On October 23, 1981, the Florida Department of Environmental                        
            Regulations granted Laney’s permit application to develop the                             
            Island as a primate breeding and vaccine testing facility.                                
                  On May 17, 1983, a Florida court granted a foreclosure sale                         
            of the Island to the holder of the mortgage note, Frederick                               
            Poppe, hereinafter sometimes referred to as Poppe.  The Island                            
            was sold for $50,000 to Poppe, and Poppe also received a $75,000                          
            deficiency judgment against Laney.  A trial date had not yet been                         
            set in his Court of Claims suit, and on December 6, 1983, Laney                           
            voluntarily dismissed his Court of Claims petition.                                       
                  On October 25, 1983, the Laney Corporation filed for relief                         
            under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.  On January 6, 1984,                             
            this case was converted to a case under chapter 7, on motion of                           
            the Laney Corporation.  On Mach 20, 1984, Laney, t/a (trading as)                         

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