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            payments, and the Island was sold at foreclosure.  Then Laney                             
            filed for bankruptcy.  Then Laney voluntarily dismissed his Court                         
            of Claims petition.                                                                       
            The Property and Lawsuits                                                                 
                  The Island was well situated to house a large-scale primate                         
            breeding and research facility, because of its (1) subtropic                              
            climate, (2) isolation, and (3) biological conditions.  R.K., as                          
            contemplated by Laney, would have been the largest primate                                
            research center of its kind in the world.  Laney planned to make                          
            a profit from R.K. by renting primate cage space.  He also                                
            expected to rent housing and other facilities for the people that                         
            the pharmaceutical companies would send to the Island to conduct                          
            studies.  Thus, he worked on a design for hurricane-proof housing                         
            for humans.  Also, Laney expected to be able to charge the                                
            pharmaceutical companies for his consulting services in                                   
            connection with their studies.  He planned to offer the                                   
            combination of his expertise in computer planning, his scientific                         
            background, and his understanding of Federal Drug Administration                          
            requirements for approval of drugs.  However, he did not intend                           
            to require that the companies that rented facilities on the                               
            Island use his consulting services.                                                       
                  Laney designed a computer system to control R.K. and the                            
            research expected to be conducted in that project.  The initial                           
            design for this computer system was completed in 1978.  The                               

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