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                  For more than 2 years in the mid-1970's Laney provided                              
            consulting services exclusively to the Federal Government.  In                            
            this period Laney worked as an expert consultant to the National                          
            Institutes of Health (hereinafter sometimes referred to as NIH)                           
            to develop a national database for laboratory animals.  Laney                             
            obtained national recognition because of his work at NIH.  As a                           
            result of the renown and expertise he developed, when Laney left                          
            NIH, he was approached by pharmaceutical companies to perform                             
            consulting work.  In late 1976 or early 1977 Laney began to do                            
            consulting work for the Lederle Laboratories Division of American                         
            Cyanamid Co., hereinafter sometimes referred to as Lederle.  By                           
            the end of July 1977 this arrangement was formalized in a                                 
            consulting contract for work in “toxicology computer systems                              
                  After Laney began to do consulting work for Lederle, he also                        
            began to do consulting work for several other pharmaceutical                              
            companies, including the following:  Dow Chemical Co., Monsanto                           
            Co., Merrill Pharmaceutical Co., and Sterling-Winthrop Research                           
            Institute, hereinafter sometimes referred to as Dow, Monsanto,                            
            Merrill, and Sterling-Winthrop, respectively.                                             
                  Laney began his consulting work for Dow in 1979.  Around                            
            this time Laney visited divisions of Dow in order to meet with                            
            scientists who were involved with the production of animal data,                          
            and to view the information systems and procedures of these                               

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