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               from college, Mrs. London worked for Massachusetts                                       
               Institute of Technology as a laboratory assistant.  She was                              
               later employed by the New England Baptist Hospital where                                 
               she taught biological studies to nursing students.  She                                  
               left her employment at the hospital in August 1969.                                      
                      Petitioners were married on May 22, 1969, in Chelsea,                             
               Massachusetts.  After they were married, they rented an                                  
               apartment in an area known as Glovers Landing, in                                        
               Marblehead, Massachusetts, where they resided for                                        
               approximately 3 years before moving to an apartment on                                   
               Blueberry Hill Road, in Marblehead, Massachusetts.                                       
               Petitioners lived in that apartment until September 10,                                  
               1976, when they purchased a house at 79 Black Oak Road,                                  
               Weston, Massachusetts.                                                                   
                      Petitioners had four children, Roanna, Terrence,                                  
               Hellene, and Shauna.  Roanna attended Colgate University                                 
               from 1987 through 1991, Terrence attended the University                                 
               of Michigan from 1989 through 1993, Hellene attended the                                 
               University of Vermont from 1992 through 1996, and Shauna                                 
               was a first year student at Georgetown University at the                                 
               time of trial.  Terrence received a partial athletic                                     
               scholarship during college.  Petitioners paid the tuition                                
               for each child's college education.                                                      

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