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               London's Cafe, Inc.                                                                      
                      From 1957 through 1985, Mr. London was a stockholder                              
               in London's Cafe, Inc., a corporation which operated a bar                               
               in Chelsea, Massachusetts.  Prior to 1974, the bar was                                   
               owned and managed by Mr. London's parents, who also held                                 
               the bar's liquor license.  According to records filed with                               
               the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts                              
               in 1960, petitioner's mother, Mrs. Ida London, was                                       
               president and treasurer of the predecessor of London's                                   
               Cafe, Inc., and petitioner's father, Mr. Isadore London,                                 
               was an officer of the corporation.                                                       
                      Gradually, petitioners took over more of the                                      
               ownership of the corporation, London's Cafe, Inc., and                                   
               Mr. London took more responsibility for operation of the                                 
               bar.  In an application filed with the liquor licensing                                  
               authority in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on March 28,                              
               1974, Mrs. London is identified as the owner of 51 of the                                
               100 outstanding shares of stock and as a director of the                                 
               corporation.  Petitioner's mother is identified as the                                   
               owner of 49 shares and as president of the corporation.                                  
               Mr. London is identified as "clerk".  Shortly thereafter,                                
               in April 1974, Mrs. London applied for and was granted the                               
               liquor license to operate London's Cafe, Inc., d/b/a                                     
               Heller's Cafe.  Mrs. London is identified in the                                         

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