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               Heller's Cafe Liquor License                                                             
                      On December 13, 1993, the Board of Excise of the City                             
               of Chelsea, issued a "Decision" revoking the liquor license                              
               of Heller's Cafe, effective December 20, 1993.  The                                      
               decision states in relevant part:                                                        

                      the Board finds that the Licensee [London's Cafe,                                 
                      Inc.] permitted a violation of a condition of its                                 
                      license or of the laws of the Commonwealth of                                     
                      Massachusetts by permitting Mr. London to use the                                 
                      licensed premises for a racketeering enterprise,                                  
                      loan sharking, extortion, money laundering and                                    
                      currency violations.                                                              

               In its decision, the Board of Excise also found the                                      

                      All of the issued and outstanding stock of                                        
                      London's Cafe, Inc., d/b/a Heller's Cafe                                          
                      ("Heller's"), is and was at all times                                             
                      relevant hereto owned of record by Patricia                                       
                      London.  Mrs. London was and is the licensed                                      
                      manager at all times relevant hereto.                                             

                      On June 22, 1994, the Alcoholic Beverages Control                                 
               Commission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts approved                                 
               the Board's decision, and that action was affirmed on                                    
               October 30, 1995, by the Superior Court of the Commonwealth                              
               of Massachusetts, Suffolk County.  The memorandum of                                     
               decision and order issued by the Superior Court on                                       
               October 30, 1995, states that "Patricia London was the                                   

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