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               for 2 years.  Mr. London was fined $5,000, and his father                                
               was fined $1,000.                                                                        
                      From 1983 through 1985, officials from the Criminal                               
               Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, the                              
               Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of                                   
               Investigation (FBI), and the Massachusetts State police                                  
               investigated Heller's Cafe for possible violation of the                                 
               laws prohibiting gambling, loan-sharking, drug trafficking,                              
               money laundering, and for possible failure to submit                                     
               currency transaction reports (CTR's).                                                    
                      On October 28, 1986, in response to an application                                
               and affidavit submitted by Federal agents, the U.S.                                      
               District Court for the District of Massachusetts issued two                              
               orders authorizing Federal agents to conduct electronic                                  
               surveillance at Heller's Cafe for a 30-day period.  One                                  
               order authorized the agents to intercept communications                                  
               in and adjacent to the enclosed area where Mr. London                                    
               conducted the business of M.L. Associates.  The second                                   
               order authorized Federal agents to monitor and record                                    
               telephone communications on two telephones at Heller's                                   
               Cafe, a pay phone located on the premises and a private                                  
               phone line belonging to M.L. Associates.  The District                                   
               Court extended the orders for an additional 30 days on                                   
               December 3, 1986.  Federal agents terminated electronic                                  

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