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                                                - 13 -                                                  
               record owner and manager of Heller's from 1985 to December,                              

               Wrongful Levy Suit                                                                       
                      In 1993, the Commissioner levied on stock brokerage                               
               accounts at Paine Webber and Kidder Peabody which                                        
               petitioners owned jointly.  Mrs. London challenged the levy                              
               in a civil suit brought against the Commissioner in the                                  
               U.S. District Court of the District of Massachusetts.  The                               
               Government took Mr. London's deposition while the suit was                               
               pending.  In 1996, the parties to the suit agreed to a                                   
               settlement under which Mrs. London received $214,342 of                                  
               assets in the Paine Webber account and she was permitted to                              
               keep her individual retirement account at Paine Webber,                                  
               amounting to $91,472.22, as of March 1996.  Under the                                    
               settlement, Mrs. London also retained one-half of the                                    
               Kidder Peabody account or approximately $60,000.                                         

               Bank Accounts                                                                            
                      During the years 1976 through 1985, petitioners either                            
               individually, jointly, or with Mr. London's parents,                                     
               maintained the following bank accounts:                                                  

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