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          she earned in her prior job.  Petitioner accepted John’s offer,             
          quit her job, and went to work for John.                                    
               Petitioner’s responsibilities working in John’s business               
          included answering phone calls, bookkeeping, taking orders for              
          products, and other clerical tasks.                                         
               After a month, petitioner asked John why she was not getting           
          paid.  John explained to petitioner that he had not yet received            
          enough commissions to pay her but that he soon would do so.                 
          However, from the time petitioner began working for John and his            
          business in 1990, petitioner never was paid any wages or other              
          compensation for her work.                                                  
               On October 12, 1992, petitioner and John were married.                 
          Around the time of their marriage, John sold his home in                    
          Westminster, Colorado, and petitioner and John moved into a new             
          home in Castle Rock, Colorado (Castle Rock home).  Using                    
          petitioner’s poor credit as the excuse and even though John                 
          himself was responsible for petitioner’s poor credit rating, John           
          titled the Castle Rock home only in his name.  John promised                
          petitioner that at a later date he would put petitioner’s name on           
          the title to the home, which he never did.                                  
               To finance his business, John took out multiple second and             
          third mortgages on the Castle Rock home.                                    
               Sometime after they were married, petitioner and John                  
          decided to trade in on a new car a car which petitioner had owned           

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