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               In November of 1994, a tractor-trailer hit and injured John.           
          The accident occurred as John was walking drunk on the shoulder             
          of a highway.  John filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and            
          the trucking company.  In a settlement of the lawsuit, the                  
          trucking company awarded John and petitioner jointly an $80,000             
          deferred annuity.                                                           
               In part as a result of John’s injuries from the accident,              
          MGI’s business began to do poorly.  John could not leave his home           
          to make sales calls, and John became argumentative with his                 
          clients, most of whom soon terminated their contracts with MGI.             
               In addition to not paying petitioner for her work, ruining             
          her credit, and putting major marital assets only in his name,              
          John became both mentally and physically abusive to petitioner,             
          which abuse escalated throughout the marriage.                              
               Due to his drinking problem, John often would go into rages            
          where he would shove and hit petitioner.                                    
               John purchased firearms and other weapons which he kept in             
          the home.  Petitioner feared John and believed that John might              
          use his weapons to seriously harm her.                                      
               In January of 1995, John beat petitioner with his crutches.            
          Upon petitioner’s request, the police removed 12 firearms from              
          the home.  The night of the beating petitioner left the home to             
          stay with a friend.                                                         

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Last modified: May 25, 2011