Cheryl McKnight - Page 7

                                        - 7 -                                         
               When petitioner returned home to retrieve her belongings,              
          John had changed the locks and boarded up the windows.                      
               Petitioner did not have a job, credit, nearby family, or               
          other means of support, and only a few articles of clothing in              
          her possession.  John apologized to petitioner for his behavior.            
          Because she felt she did not have an alternative, petitioner                
          moved back in with John.  Thereafter, John’s conduct toward                 
          petitioner became worse.                                                    
               From the Internet John downloaded pornography and while on             
          trips was unfaithful to petitioner.                                         
               In one incident that occurred in the summer of 1997, John              
          broke a wine glass on a table and with the broken glass slashed             
          petitioner’s throat.  Petitioner fought off John and managed to             
          lock herself in a room.  Instead of going to a hospital,                    
          petitioner did her best to stop the bleeding and to close up the            
          wound.  Petitioner feared that if she sought medical treatment              
          John would be arrested and that he might seek to kill her.                  
               Soon after the above incident, petitioner secretly packed up           
          many of her belongings and moved into a motel in a nearby                   
               Petitioner stayed in the motel for several weeks before                
          finding a job and moving into an apartment.                                 

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Last modified: May 25, 2011