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          not recognize petitioner as having an ownership interest in MGI.            
          Shares of MGI stock apparently were never issued.                           
               To the extent petitioner held an ownership interest in MGI,            
          it was only a nominal interest.  Without consulting petitioner,             
          John made all of the decisions relating to MGI.  Petitioner did             
          not make a capital contribution to MGI, did not receive MGI                 
          stock, did not have signatory authority on MGI’s bank account,              
          did not know what title or position she nominally held in MGI,              
          received no distributions from MGI, and as explained, never                 
          received wages or other compensation from MGI.                              
               Throughout their marriage, petitioner generally kept track             
          of the household bills and expenses, but petitioner would show              
          the bills to John.  John would decide which bills to pay and when           
          to pay them.  Periodically, John would transfer just enough money           
          into the marital joint checking account for petitioner to write             
          checks to pay bills he had approved.  Petitioner did not have               
          access to John’s personal and business bank accounts.                       
               Prior to their marriage, in an effort to convince petitioner           
          to marry him, John had checked himself into an alcohol abuse                
          treatment center.  However, on the night of their marriage John             
          resumed drinking.                                                           
               Throughout his marriage to petitioner, John’s problems with            
          alcohol increased.  On three occasions during the marriage, John            
          was arrested for driving under the influence.                               

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