J. Ramsay Farah and Elizabeth Farah - Page 3

               On November 13, 1976, Dr. Farah was appointed to the medical           
          staff of Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown, Maryland.  In            
          May 1977, petitioners purchased a large, historic house located             
          at 1003 The Terrace, Hagerstown, Maryland (Hagerstown house).  At           
          the time of trial in this case, petitioners still owned the                 
          Hagerstown house.  Dr. Farah has always maintained an office in             
          the Hagerstown house.  Since 1980, he has used the Hagerstown               
          address as the business address for his medical practice and                
          myriad other business activities.                                           
               In addition to their work in the medical practice, since               
          1992, petitioners have been general partners in the Boonsboro               
          Medical Center Partnership (Boonsboro Partnership), which owns              
          and leases office space to various tenants including physicians.            
          Dr. and Ms. Farah own a 71.74-percent and 1.74-percent interest             
          in the Boonsboro Partnership, respectively.                                 
          The Purchase of the Berlin House and the South Point Road Lot               
               On October 18, 1989, petitioners purchased a piece of                  
          waterfront property consisting of 3.27 acres and a house located            
          at 5922 South Point Road, Berlin, Maryland (Berlin house).                  
          Petitioners intended to use it as a summer home and eventually              
          make it their retirement home.                                              
               The property was originally listed for sale for $399,000.              
          However, the sellers accepted petitioners’ offer of significantly           
          less, either $315,000 as respondent contends or $365,000 as                 

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