J. Ramsay Farah and Elizabeth Farah - Page 8

          located in Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore.  Towson is              
          approximately 78 miles from Hagerstown and 152 miles from Berlin.           
               Until October 1998, Dr. Farah served as Medical Director at            
          Victor Cullen Academy, a home for juvenile detainees, located in            
          Sabillasville, Maryland.  On October 7, 1998, his Service                   
          Agreement with Victor Cullen Academy was terminated because he no           
          longer lived within 20 miles of the facility.  Hagerstown is                
          approximately 17 miles from Sabillasville.  Berlin is more than             
          200 miles from Sabillasville.                                               
               On April 30, 1999, Dr. Farah neglected to renew his                    
          membership on the medical staff of Washington County Hospital, in           
          Hagerstown.  Although Dr. Farah traveled extensively, as often as           
          possible he returned to Berlin at the end of a workday.  He was             
          always in Berlin on weekends and other nonworking days to be with           
          his family.                                                                 
          Use of the Hagerstown House from July 1997 to September 2001                
               Before the completion of the sale of his medical practice in           
          June 1998, Dr. Farah spent considerable time in the Hagerstown              
          house.  After the sale of his practice, Dr. Farah visited the               
          Hagerstown house more frequently than his wife did.  He would               
          return at least once a month to collect bulk mail sent there.               
               In contrast, Ms. Farah rarely went to the Hagerstown house.            
          In August of 1999, she stayed in the Hagerstown house for the               
          baptism of her grandson and to renew her driver’s license.  To              

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