J. Ramsay Farah and Elizabeth Farah - Page 6

          were landscaped, and petitioners constructed a chain link dog               
          Petitioners’ Move to Berlin                                                 
               In the spring of 1997, Veronica Farah, petitioners’                    
          daughter, was accepted as a freshman at Salisbury State                     
          University.  It was the only school to which she applied.                   
          Salisbury State University is located in Salisbury, Maryland,               
          approximately a 30-minute drive from petitioners’ Berlin house.             
               At that time, Veronica required heightened parental                    
          supervision and support, including the regular administration of            
          medication.  To support their daughter, petitioners planned to              
          move with her to the Berlin house.  In preparation for the move,            
          Dr. Farah put his Hagerstown medical practice up for sale in                
          September 1997.  He also closed his Boonsboro practice.  In June            
          1998, Dr. Farah completed the sale of his Hagerstown medical                
               Ms. Farah moved to the Berlin House in July 1997 to be with            
          Veronica, who was enrolled full time at Salisbury State                     
          University from the fall term of 1997 through the fall term of              
          2001.  In addition to her studies, she worked part time at                  
          various restaurants and night clubs in Ocean City, Maryland.  Ms.           
          Farah drove Veronica to and from class, as well as to and from              
          her part-time jobs.  Both Veronica and Ms. Farah received medical           

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