J. Ramsay Farah and Elizabeth Farah - Page 10

               Christina Farah, who would later marry and divorce                     
          petitioners’ son, moved into the Hagerstown house with                      
          petitioners in 1996.  She left in July 1997 to live in Texas with           
          petitioners’ son, Patrick Farah.  She returned to Hagerstown in             
          January 1998 and stayed until October 1998.  Christina’s first              
          son was born November 27, 1998, in Dallas, Texas.  Petitioners              
          spent Christmas of 1998 in Dallas with Patrick and Christina.               
          Christina returned to Hagerstown in January of 1999.  After that,           
          she would go to Dallas periodically for visits usually lasting a            
          week or a weekend.  Because Christina’s husband was abusive at              
          times, petitioners allowed her to stay in the Hagerstown house              
          rent-free to provide a safe and secure environment for Christina            
          and her children, petitioners’ grandchildren.                               
               Christina often forwarded petitioners’ mail to them at their           
          Berlin home.  She also spent holidays with petitioners at their             
          Berlin home.  When Christina was not in Hagerstown, petitioners’            
          son Frederick Farah, who liked to use the hot tub at the                    
          Hagerstown house with his friends, would go there to forward the            

          electricity usage at petitioners’ Hagerstown house from July 15,            
          1997 through Oct. 11, 2001 was 2,867.62 kilowatt hours.  The                
          average electricity usage at petitioners’ Hagerstown house from             
          Nov. 9, 2001 through Feb. 14, 2007 was 3,080.23 kilowatt hours.             

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