J. Ramsay Farah and Elizabeth Farah - Page 7

          treatment, including surgery, in Salisbury, Maryland, near                  
          petitioners’ Berlin home.                                                   
               While living in Hagerstown, petitioners were involved in               
          several social and community activities, such as the Rotary Club,           
          the Northwood Swim Club, the YMCA, and the Maryland Symphony                
          Orchestra.  Around the time of their move to the Berlin residence           
          they discontinued their membership or involvement with these                
               In May 1998, Dr. Farah began working part-time for Sierra              
          Military Health (Sierra) as an Associate Medical Director at                
          Sierra’s office, located in Baltimore, Maryland.  Among many                
          other responsibilities, Sierra credentials hospitals that provide           
          care to military personnel and their dependents.                            
               In October 1998, Dr. Farah was promoted to full medical                
          director working in quality assurance.  The position required               
          that he work 3 days a week at Sierra’s Baltimore office.                    
          Baltimore is approximately 75 miles from Hagerstown and 138 miles           
          from Berlin.  Dr. Farah traveled extensively from Baltimore to              
          various clinics and medical facilities located along the east               
          coast from Maine to northern Virginia.  Dr. Farah continued his             
          employment with Sierra until March 28, 2005.                                
               His position with Sierra required that he perform a half-day           
          of clinical work each week, which he did with Towson Express,               

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