Ex parte BEASOM - Page 6

          Appeal No. 96-1584                                                          
          Application 08/066,697                                                      

          breakdown voltage characteristic of the device at PN junction 31,           
          the bias voltage V  is set at a value which is the same as or               
          close to the voltage applied to the island 11.  The bias voltage            
          can differ from the island voltage by a value no more than half             
          the total voltage applied to the integrated circuit.                        
                                    THE PRIOR ART                                     
               In FIG. 2, Muramatsu discloses a sectional view of the                 
          semiconductor device illustrated in FIG. 1.  N- island region 12A           
          is formed on a P type semiconductor substrate 10.  These elements           
          correspond to appellant's island region 11 and substrate 13 in              
          FIG. 3.  N+ buried region 11A, corresponding to appellant's N+              
          region 25, is formed between region 12A and substrate 10.                   
          Muramatsu's film 18a formed on the surface of isolation groove 19           
          corresponds to appellant's film 43 on the surface of its groove,            
          the polycrystalline insulation layer 20 in groove 19 corresponds            
          to appellant's trench fill material 45 and P type region 13                 
          corresponds to appellant's P type region 33.                                
               In FIG. 5g, Muramatsu discloses that the N+ buried region              
          33A and P-type region 31 corresponding to elements 11A and 13 of            
          FIG. 2, respectively, can be connected to the sidewalls of the              
          trench at insulation layer 18''.                                            


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