Ex parte HOTTA et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 2000-1356                                                        
          Application 07/979,772                                                      

               The invention is related to a data processing system and               
          method wherein the speed of execution of instructions can be                
          increased by executing a plurality of instructions in parallel              
          wherever possible.  The unique features of the invention lie                
          in the inclusion of a conflict detector, a cache memory, a                  
          first mask and a second mask.  The conflict detector evaluates              
          each of a plurality of instructions input to the instruction                
          unit so as to determine conflicts within the plural                         
          instructions.  When conflict is detected by the conflict                    
          detector, an indication of the conflict is stored in the cache              
          along with the plural instructions.  The conflict information               
          is used to control the sequence of feeding the instructions to              
          the first mask and the second mask.  If a conflict is                       
          detected, then one of the instructions is executed in parallel              
          with a NOP instruction by the first and second arithmetic                   
          operation units.  If no conflict is detected, then the plural               
          instructions are executed in parallel by the first and second               
          arithmetic units.  The invention is further illustrated by the              
          following claim below.                                                      
               38. A processor system, comprising:                                    

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