Ex parte HOTTA et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 2000-1356                                                        
          Application 07/979,772                                                      

          instructions based on the conflict information.”  This                      
          argument is not commensurate with the scope of claim 38.                    
          Claim 38 does not recite the execution of instructions based                
          on the conflict information.  On the other hand, we agree with              
          the Examiner [answer, page 7] that “the last paragraph [of                  
          claim 38] does not mention anything about parallel execution.               
          It only says ‘based on [said] information.’  This may be that               
          ... it will be executed in a pipelined manner ... based on the              
          information output from                                                     

          the cache.”  We find that the Examiner’s position is                        
          consistent with the meaning of pipeline processing as defined               
          by the Computer Dictionary, third edition, Microsoft Press,                 
          which states that “pipeline processing” is “[a] method of                   
          processing on a computer that allows fast parallel processing               
          of data.”  Therefore, we sustain the obviousness rejection of               
          claim 38 over Lee.                                                          
               Regarding claim 40, in Lee, the information stored in                  
          cache 112 is clearly used to control the sequence of                        
          instructions flowing to the processor 116. Therefore, we                    

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Last modified: November 3, 2007