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            an ownership interest, legal or equitable, in the Burlington                               
            property after Mr. Carey received title, and any equitable                                 
            interest that Mr. Bowers may have had pursuant to the modified                             
            divorce judgment was extinguished at the time Florence sold the                            
            Burlington property to the Trust.                                                          
                  Under Connecticut State law, neither the husband nor the                             
            wife acquires, by virtue of the marriage, any interest in the                              
            real or personal property of the other during the other's                                  
            lifetime.  Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. sec. 46b-36 (West 1995); Tobey                            
            v. Tobey, 165 Conn. 742, 748, 345 A.2d 21, 25 (1974).  If the                              
            purchase price is paid by one spouse and the conveyance is taken                           
            in the name of the other, there is a presumption that a gift to                            
            the other spouse is intended.  Whitney v. Whitney, 171 Conn. 23,                           
            33, 368 A.2d 96, 102 (1976) (citing Walter v. Home National Bank                           
            & Trust Co., 148 Conn. 635, 638, 173 A.2d 503, 505 (1961)).                                
            However, at the time of entering a divorce decree, "the superior                           
            court may assign to either the husband or wife all or any part of                          
            the estate of the other.  The court may pass title to real                                 
            property to either party or to a third person or may order the                             
            sale of such real property * * *. "  Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. sec.                            
            46b-81 (West 1995).                                                                        
                  From November 10, 1978, until July 26, 1989, Florence held                           
            legal title to the Burlington property in her name alone.                                  
            However, the April 15, 1988, divorce judgment provided that the                            
            Burlington property would be sold at a future date, and the                                

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