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                                               - 24 -                                                  
                  From August 30, 1989, through October of 1989, petitioners                           
            paid $4,650 for repairs to the Burlington house, including the                             
            $800 deposit towards the repair of the chimney.  Some of the                               
            amount paid was for repair of the decks.  These expenses were                              
            paid by checks drawn on the Florida checking accounts mentioned                            
            Occupancy of the Burlington House                                                          
                  Mr. Bowers never lived in the Burlington house on a regular                          
            day-to-day basis at any time after he separated from Florence in                           
            early October of 1987.  Deborah never lived in the Burlington                              
            house on a regular day-to-day basis.                                                       
                  Any time Mr. Bowers and Deborah spent at the Burlington                              
            house in 1989 occurred between mid-July of 1989, when Florence                             
            moved out of the house, and late August or early September, when                           
            they learned Mr. Bowers' mortgage application would be rejected.                           
            At that time, if not earlier, they began to look for a house in                            
            Jacksonville, Florida, in a gated community on a golf course.                              
            They signed the purchase contract on the Jacksonville Golf house                           
            on October 1, 1989.  Any time petitioners spent at the Burlington                          
            house in 1989 amounted to no more than a few days on a sporadic                            
            and intermittent basis.20                                                                  

            20 The Court did not believe petitioners' testimony that                                   
            they actually moved into the Burlington house and made it their                            
            home in 1989.  The testimony of other witnesses, even that of Mr.                          
            Bowers' brother, was too vague and uncertain as to time frame to                           
            be helpful.  Most of those witnesses could not even say when TAI                           

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