Donald D. Bowers and Deborah Bowers - Page 16

                                               - 16 -                                                  
            February 27, 1990, giving the Mandarin house address as his last                           
            year's (1989) address.  He indicated he had a Florida driver's                             
            license issued March 16, 1989.  The Jacksonville Golf house                                
            application, also dated February 27, 1990, was in Deborah's name.                          
            It listed her last year's (1989) address merely as "5050 Old                               
            Savannah Road", with no town or state.11  In the space for a                               
            Florida driver's license, a number appears for Deborah, but the                            
            date of issue was left blank.12                                                            
            Business Activities of Mr. Bowers in 1989                                                  
                  Mr. Bowers had an interest in, or was involved with, the                             
            following businesses in 1989:  Bozak Manufacturers (Bozak), Tidon                          
            Industries, DB Associates, Sound Ideas, World Class Boxing, and                            
            Technical Acoustics, Inc.  Bozak, an electronic audio equipment                            
            manufacturer, was located in New Britain, Connecticut.  Tidon                              
            Industries was a window company located in the same building as                            
            Bozak.  DB Associates, a holding company, owned this building                              
            until some point during or around the year in issue.                                       
                  Sound Ideas was a retail store in Newington, Connecticut,                            
            which sold consumer electronics.  Mr. Bowers and his brother,                              
            William Bowers (Bill), each owned half of this company, but Bill                           
            ran the business.  Mr. Bowers used the office at Sound Ideas to                            

            11 Deborah's parents' address was 5032 (formerly 5050) Old                                 
            Savannah Road, Augusta, Georgia.                                                           
            12 Deborah testified that she believed she had a Georgia                                   
            driver's license in 1989.  She did not have a Connecticut                                  
            driver's license.                                                                          

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