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                                                - 8 -                                                  
            Burlington property was "pending sale".4  Other assets Mr. Bowers                          
            disclosed on the application included $29,827.59 deposited with                            
            the Federal Savings Bank in New Britain, Connecticut, and                                  
            $4,966.10 deposited with the Tust Company Bank [sic] in Augusta,                           
                  On February 18, 1989, Mr. Bowers married Deborah Scavone,                            
            now Deborah Bowers (Deborah).  Prior to their marriage, Deborah                            
            resided with her parents in Augusta, Georgia, where she had been                           
            attending Augusta College as a full-time student.  Petitioners'                            
            wedding took place in Augusta, and they returned to Augusta after                          
            their honeymoon.  Deborah spent about one-third to one-half of                             
            her first year of marriage in Georgia.  She spent some time at                             
            the Connecticut condo and some time at the Mandarin house in                               
            Jacksonville, Florida.                                                                     
                  In the Mandarin house, the master bedroom was the only one                           
            of the four bedrooms that was furnished at first; it contained a                           
            bedroom set and a television.  This bedroom set was one of the                             
            two from the Connecticut condo.  Petitioners later purchased a                             
            brass bed and moved the first bed to another bedroom.  One of the                          
            bedrooms contained Mr. Bowers' exercise equipment which                                    
            previously had been at the Connecticut condo.  Petitioners                                 
            purchased additional furniture for the master bedroom, and a                               
            sectional sofa, table, and lamp for the family room; they also                             

            4 Mr. Bowers listed the Burlington property as having a                                    
            present market value of $500,000 and a mortgage of only $67,633.                           

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