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                                         FINDINGS OF FACT                                              
                  Petitioners Donald D. Bowers (Mr. Bowers) and Deborah Bowers                         
            are husband and wife.  They resided in Jacksonville, Florida, at                           
            the time they filed their petition in this case.                                           
            Connecticut Residences                                                                     
                  Mr. Bowers was married to his former wife, Florence Bowers                           
            Keegan (Florence), from June 1, 1968, to April 15, 1988.  They                             
            had three sons:  Lonny, Kevin, and Duane.  On November 10, 1978,                           
            Florence received title to certain improved property with the                              
            address of 71 Nassahegan Drive, Burlington, Connecticut (the                               
            Burlington house or property), for which Mr. Bowers and Florence                           
            paid $122,000.  The Burlington property actually consisted of                              
            three lots or parcels of land.                                                             
                  Mr. Bowers and Florence had certain work performed on the                            
            Burlington property.  Due to the limited water supply from the                             
            existing well, they caused three additional wells to be dug.                               
            They later sued the sellers of the Burlington property for the                             
            cost of these additional wells and recovered a judgment of                                 
            $30,000.  Mr. Bowers and Florence had some landscaping done.                               
            They converted one room from an office into a bedroom by adding                            
            an additional wall and a closet.  They divided the basement to                             
            provide a room for the live-in maid they employed at that time.                            
            Mr. Bowers and Florence spent over $10,000 on wallpaper,                                   
            painting, window shades, cleaning the carpets, and replacement of                          
            plumbing and lighting fixtures.  The record does not establish                             

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