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                                               - 10 -                                                  
            amount of $150,000.  At that time petitioners may have                                     
            contemplated the possibility of making the Burlington house their                          
            future home.                                                                               
                  In mid-July of 1989, Florence moved out of the Burlington                            
            house.  She held a tag or garage sale there shortly after moving                           
            out and left in the house any items that did not sell.  Items                              
            remaining in the Burlington house after the tag sale included                              
            boxes of Kevin's personal items in the recreation room, some of                            
            Mr. Bowers' personal items, and Lonny's bedroom furniture which                            
            he later picked up.  Games and perhaps some clothes were left in                           
            the garage.  The shed also contained boxes of Mr. Bowers'                                  
            clothes.  The record does not establish that any furniture was                             
            moved into the Burlington house at any time from mid-July of 1989                          
            through its ultimate sale in December of 1989, although some of                            
            Mr. Bowers' personal items from the condo may have been moved                              
            from the condo to the Burlington house in that period.                                     
                  On July 12, 1989, in Florida, Deborah signed an instrument                           
            establishing a Grantor Trust for Deborah Bowers (the Trust).                               
            Brian C. Carey, petitioners' attorney in Connecticut, was                                  
            appointed trustee.  Mr. Bowers was named as successor trustee, if                          
            Mr. Carey could not serve.                                                                 
                  On or about July 25, 1989, petitioners placed $20,000 in                             
            escrow with Mr. Carey.  On July 26, 1989, Florence transferred                             
            title to the Burlington house by quitclaim deed to "Brian C.                               

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